This year we started to build our mission base.  Our desire is to have a Mission Base/Bible School where:

  1. Missionaries have a home
  2. Teams can come and stay
  3. Local people can come to be trained in the Word of God and in other basic skills and trades to help them financially as they go out to do ministry

Last year we had a team from New York that came and helped us with the building.  It was such a blessing as the work they did in a short period of time would have taken us months to accomplish!  So if you want come out with your church or as an individual to help us with this project or partner with us financially to help us finish, please let us know.


We are so excited that the foundation is done, now we are on phase 2 which is the building the walls.

1 concrete block costs 1$

1 bag of Cement cost $15

We need about 10,000 blocks, and 400 bags


We are asking for your help to finish the 2nd phase of this building by partnering with us financially.