Sishemo (Kindness)  November 1st 2018


Have you read the book of Acts? Picture yourself, on one of Paul’s missionary journeys. Where he confronts the lost with the Gospel, corrects some doctrines, heals the sick, casts out evil spirits, and encourages the church. That is what these trips look like. You will be a light that people have been waiting for an answer to a region that has been ruled by darkness, for years and sometimes centuries.

As Jack Mututwa says “There are some people out there whose destiny depends on your obedience.”



On this trip we will mainly be encouraging the believers, and speaking in a couple churches, we might  visit the families that had their houses destroyed by the typhoons. We will also  travel to some unreached tribes and share the goodspel with them. The weather is unpredictable in the Philippines, as it could rain anytime, or we might even experience a typhoon. But during this time of the year, it will mainly be warm, in temperatures ranging from 75 to 85 with a little humidity. But its all worthy sharing the gospel with them despite the weather conditions.


Good question, Obvisiouly we wont be back every week to visit and check on the people we ministered to. Instead we work with some local pastors, who have great relationships with. Its them who go back and visit these people, and disciple them.


Dates : November 1st  –   November 14th 2018

Age: +18

Trip leaders: Jack and Amber

Country: Philippines

Status: Open