October 2014 newsletter

Introducing Trail Missions

As most of you know this year has been a year full of changes in our lives, from just being the two of us to becoming a family of three. The other big news is Jack and I mid this year felt lead to start a missions organization called Trail Missions as a part of Amber Wittman Ministries. Since we got married three years ago, we have been ministering mainly in the southern province of Zambia. Even though we saw so much fruit come out of that, we still felt in our hearts to reach other parts of the world hence the birth of Trail missions. Trail Missions was birthed to allow us to travel to other nations and  do missions work there, but more importantly to allow  people to come on mission trips with us. We realized the work is so huge, my husband and I couldn’t reach all these villages alone. So we have made a provision where you can now come for 2 weeks or even longer to minister with us.  You can check out our new website www.trailmissions.net .  When you go on the site under mission trips, you can see all the trips we are doing next summer, So we encourage all of our supporters, friends, family and churches to come join us on one of our mission trips, they start May 15 through September 12th. They are all 2 weeks long, but you can stay longer if you want J


Picture yourself, on one of Paul’s missionary journeys. Where he brings the gospel to the lost, corrects some doctrines, heals the sick, casts out evil spirits, and encourages the church. That’s what these trips look like. You will be a light that people have been waiting for and an answer to an area that has been ruled by darkness, for years and sometimes centuries.

In the Western Province of Zambia you’ll face between 70-90 degree days and 40 and 50 degree cold nights.  Walking through sand to get from one village to the other, but every step is worth it as you reach people who need the gospel so much.  You’ll be leading people in the salvation message, praying for the sick, ministering to the broken and setting the captives free. We also have a provision in our ministry,  for people to come be with us and do whatever God has put on their hearts; from construction, fixing things,  help provide clean water, teaching in a school, or working  in an Orphanage and more.  


What Happens after the trip?

You may be asking, “Well what happens to these people after we leave?”  Good question!  We have discipleship teams that will go back to these villages on a weekly basis to disciple them and help them grow in the things of God. 


So please spread the word about this opportunity to churches, or people you know who have always wanted to go on a life changing mission trip. I went to Africa the first time In 1998 and changed my life forever. We appreciate your support so much, but we also want you to experience the joy of leading someone to the Lord, and just being his hands and feet. In an area that can take Jack and I months to reach, it will only take a team of 15 people 2 weeks.


Online giving is Available now too

Some of you have asked us if you could give online, well with the creation of our website, you can now go to www.trailmissions.net and give online. Click under Donate and you can give through Paypal, credit card or debit card, thank God for technology. And the cool thing about online giving also is that there is an option if you want for your donations to be automatic, you just hit the recurring button when you make your first donation, and it will automatically be deducting each month.

We are so excited about this new season and what God is doing with our growing ministry and we appreciate all of you for all your support. You can still make your checks payable to Amber Wittman Ministries and send them to PO Box 2774, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32170.