Trail Missions November 2017 Newsletter


We have so many things to be thankful for this month. First, we are anticipating the birth of our second little girl. She is due December 3rd and we can’t wait to hold her in our arms.  There has been so much happening in Zambia and we want to keep sharing about all that God has been doing.



We are so grateful that we were able to drill our first well in the village of Liyobe where we planted and built a church. Liyobe’s only water was from holes in the ground. We hired a drilling company who drilled twice but couldn’t find the water table. After the third try they finally struck water and an 80-year-old lady said, “We never had clean water in our village in my whole life.” So many times, as we go to these villages, so many people have stomach problems and it’s because of unclean water. Now one village finally has clean water. If you would like to help provide clean water for another community the cost of a well is $5000. 

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 We had a team from Tennessee that came and helped us build a church structure and a roof. We planted this church in November of last year. They were meeting under a tree so whenever it rained the church service was over but now they can worship together, rain or shine!

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Josh is one of our American full-time staff members who is running the mission base while we are in the States. The other day he was driving a vehicle pulling a trailer for our neighbor when something on the trailer broke and it caused the vehicle to roll. When Josh came out of the vehicle he had a gash on his hand, a cut on his head, and was having a very hard time breathing. He was pretty sure he broke his ribs. We encouraged him to fly to South Africa for proper medical care. He said the flight was very rough and he felt like he could barely breathe. When he arrived in South Africa a certain man was praying for him there and went to see him at the hospital. He started to explain what he saw as he was praying: “It was like you were wrapped in a bale of hay and the twine was squeezing you… I watched God come and cut it off. “He continued to say, “I know you believe in healing, but I need you to really believe!” Josh said, “Sure.” And he prayed.  As they went to the hospital they looked at his hand and thought he had cut a tendon to the little finger and they were taking an x-ray to find out about the ribs.  When the doctor got back to him they were so surprised with the results: the ribs were not broken, his hand didn’t need surgery and was healing perfectly; the few stitches placed in Zambia were enough. And his head was healing completely. We thank God for his hand in all of this!


Several of our partners have encouraged us to be posting our needs in the ministry in our newsletter so people can pick what they want to help with.

  1. A good second-hand vehicle. Our current vehicle is a 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser, it has served us well for 5 years but it has been failing lately. Cost $15,000
  2. Monthly salaries for our 4 teachers. ($100 a month per teacher)
  3. Air compressor for our vehicles on base: $500
  4. Water pump : $350  and Welding machine : $300
  5. Refrigerator for the base: $500
  6. Projector for the Jesus film: 370
  7. Parts for the pastors’ motor bikes: $250
  8. Computer and printer for our African office: $130

To partner with us financially please send donations to Trail Missions, PO Box 13205, Scottsdale, AZ 85267 or click the donate button below.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support. We couldn’t do all of this without your faithfulness.

 Jack, Amber, Alicia and (to be announced…..) Mututwa