Trail Missions January 2018 Newsletter

Going back to Africa.

We've had a great time in America and as you're reading this we will probably be on the plane or already in Africa. I want to thank everybody who hosted us in their homes and the pastors who had us in their churches. There is so much work waiting to be done back at mission base and the villages so we are excited to go back. While in the US we spoke at a pastor’s conference, spoke in different churches, held bible studies, recruited teams for this summer and did our annual missions conference. The picture you see is our house in Africa and we are excited to go back to it. The roof is thatch which helps regulate the temperature.

pic 01.jpg
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Our 6-month-old church is exploding

About six months ago we took a team from Jacksonville to a village called Sezimu.  We had an amazing ministry in which a lot of people were saved, set free, healed and Jesus's name was glorified. Six weeks after the trip we planted a church and we started with about 15 people. Six months later there is over 78 people coming on a regular basis to this church. They are getting fed with the word of God and growing in number every week. Now we are believing God to build this community an actual church building so they don’t have to meet under a tree every Sunday. Message us if you want be a part of this project, it will cost about $4500. 


Missions conference

Every year we do a mission’s conference in Phoenix, Arizona. This conference is mainly to recruit new people to come on trips with us but also a place of reunion for all our Trail Missions alumni. We normally have praise and worship and a few missionaries share testimonies and stories from when they were in Africa. We also share the word of God mainly on the call of God and why we do what we do. This year’s conference was amazing as we had a lot of people sign up for trips with us, and really had great fellowship.

Thank you so much for all your prayers, and support. We couldn’t do this without you.

Jack, Amber, Alicia and Abigail.


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